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We love Abilene. More importantly we love the kids in Abilene and Albany and hope to have the opportunity to share our lives with kids in many more of the surrounding communities. We care about the decisions they make whether it be where they want to go to college, who and how they go about dating, how to relate to their families and friends…but especially where their lives are going spiritually. As college-age and older adults, we know that high school and middle school can be one of the hardest times in life, and we want to walk through it with the kids here. That’s why you’ll see us at the lunch rooms at A-High, Cooper, Wylie and Albany schools. We’re cheering at the Friday night football games (we are in West Texas!), playing a game of ultimate frisbee on Sunday afternoons with 50 plus kids, and hanging out after basketball games. Most of us are students at ACU, HSU or McMurry and for some reason, even if we’ve grown up here ourselves, have been brought to this town to share our lives with these kids. Young Life has played an instrumental role in many leader’s lives as we traveled through high school & middle school, and are all about sharing it with others!  ​​

7:27 pm. Club. Be There.

 Club is a huge part of what we do here in Abilene. Ask any high schooler who's shown up on Monday nights how great it can be…no one forgets the “Spartan cheerleaders”, a high schooler crowd surfing, or the Halloween costume contest. It’s a crazy-good-outrageous time…just ask the young lady who licked peanut butter out of a leaders armpit or young man who “washed an elephant”! We like randomness. We like to sing. We like games and we love skits. Don’t miss out. 7:47 EVERY Monday. If you drive by First Baptist Church of Abilene (where A-High and Cooper have club) or the Forge (where Wylie has club) on a Monday night you’ll see what we're talking about…kids from Abilene High, Cooper and Wylie are crawling all over the place. And that’s exactly how we want it.


We're always ready to hang out. Campaigners.

 Campaigners is another way we leaders show we care. Each school has several leaders who are purposely there to “dig in deeper” about the life of Jesus with their high school friends. We’re ears for listening to problems and we're voices to help answer questions. Sometimes there are questions about things they might have heard at Monday night's club talk, sometimes kids just need someone older to listen to them, and sometimes they're not sure what they have questions about…but you want to know more. Campaigners gives a more intimate and confidential atmosphere where relationships can grown stronger and deeper. And these relationships are just a reflection of the one that we, as leaders and Christians, feel is the most important relationship kids will ever have. 


Wait...There's More.​

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 YoungLives is a YL ministry also known throughout the country.  Abilene has the privilege of enjoying an active YoungLives Club with high school mom's, dad's and their children. We are constantly recruiting volunteers to help with this group of young men and women.  If your talents are helping in the nursery, providing dinner, or just plain--helping out--we want you!!!  Want to know more about it, or how to get involved? Contact our office at 325-676-1211. 


Enjoy watching the impact YoungLives is having everyday as we invest in the futures of teen moms.







Capernaum is a YL ministry that reaches out to special needs students from ages 14-22.
One out of five adolescents has a disibiltiy.  Only one in 15 churches has a specific program designed for kids with disabilities.
In Young Life, we believe young people with disabilities have the right to experience the abundant life God intented for them.  This includes meaningful relationships, fun, adventure and acceptance. 
For more information visit capernaum.aspx​​ or contact Hailey Allen at 303-594-0080. 


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